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    Meet the team

    We are a team of adventurers who are exploring and restoring the ocean together.
    Join us and change the world.


    Led by Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau and their family of fun ocean friends and kids around the world, the Ocean Champs team is an elite force who are banding together to take action for our ocean. Together, we are having fun, sharing adventures and learning how we can join forces to protect and restore the ocean.

    Ashlan Cousteau

    Ashlan Cousteau

    Journalist and explorer who loves to tell stories and inspires everyone to be a champion for the ocean.

    Philippe Cousteau

    Philippe Cousteau

    Filmmaker and explorer, his family has been exploring the ocean for three generations. He loves to explore new places and share them with the team.

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    Fred the crab

    Always a bit of a sourpuss, Fred tends to look to the negative side of things. But he is always willing to learn and comes around in the end.


    Mia the manatee

    The graceful and gentle giant. Mia loves swimming in warm water with her friends and snacking on lots and lots of seagrass. Thanks to Ocean Champs rescuers, she is now reunited with her manatee family.


    Tommy the sea turtle

    The goof ball. Funny, sweet, and sensitive. Tommy is always looking out for his teammates and finding ways to help animals in need.


    Disco the grouper

    The friendliest, most loveable fish in the sea. His large size may seem crazy at first, but all he really wants is a new buddy and a scratch under the chin.


    Alice the japanese sawshark

    The lazy one. She keeps to herself and doesn’t bother anyone. She can be rude if she is disturbed, but persistence loosens her up and she becomes cheerful and energetic.


    Susie the octopus

    The smartest animal in the room, but she doesn’t show off. A great problem solver but a bit shy, she isn’t always the best at making friends, but when she does, she is the most loyal of the group.

    They are an intrepid team of explorers, problem solvers, and most of all, great friends who love the ocean. But they need your help.
    So join us, and be part of the adventure.

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    EarthEcho International is a non-profit organization with resources designed to equip new generations of leaders and problem solvers to identify and tackle environmental challenges in their own communities and beyond.

    EarthEcho’s mission is to inspire young people worldwide to act now for a sustainable future.

    Fred the crab

    If you’re a teacher or school administrator, check out EarthEcho International’s Educator Resources for a collection of videos, lesson plans, and other materials designed to equip youth to explore and protect their local natural resources.

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